Our Best Home Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Planning for emergencies is so important to keep you and your family safe. In the event of a fire, you may have as little as two minutes to escape. That’s why it’s critical to have a plan in place, along with an early warning system. If you want to know about ways to prevent a home fire and bolster fire safety, read on.

Fire prevention in my home

The best way to escape a fire is to not allow it to become a problem in the first place. Here are some tips to prevent a fire:

  • Matches and lighters: Keep matches, lighters and other items that can start fires out of reach of children. You may want to take things further and put them in a locked cabinet. Explain to your kids the risks associated with using these items.
  • Electricity safety: Make sure your household is practicing basic electrical safety. Don’t overuse individual power outlets. Never plug an extension cord into another extension cord. Only use manufacturer-recommended light bulb wattages in light fixtures. Have the wiring in your home inspected regularly. Never run electrical wires under rugs or over furniture. The reality is that electricity is the culprit in many fires every year, most of which are easily avoidable.
  • Space heaters: These are another frequent cause of fires. If you’re using space heaters, make sure they’re kept away from any combustible materials like rugs, curtains, bedding, etc.
  • Kitchen safety: If you’re cooking, make sure you stay close by. In the event that grease catches fire in a pan, put a lid on the pan to put the fire out and shut off the heat. Also, children shouldn’t be allowed within three feet of a kitchen range.

Smoke detectors

Having an early warning system is vital to escaping a fire safely. This starts with smoke alarms that are properly functioning. Install at least one on every level of your home, including the basement, and outside each bedroom. Test the alarms monthly and replace the batteries at least annually or whenever they begin chirping. Smoke detectors that are more than 10 years old should be replaced.

Fire escape plan

Sitting down for a few minutes to create a fire escape plan can make the difference in surviving a blaze. Talk to your family members and work out where at least two unobstructed exits are located for everyone in the home. This includes using windows. Determine a meeting place outside, and practice the plan at least twice a year.

Stop, drop and roll

You might remember this advice from grade school, and it still applies today. Don’t keep running if your clothes catch fire. Stop where you are, drop to the ground, then cover your face with your hands and roll over the ground to extinguish the flames. If you’re in a situation with a lot of smoke, be sure to remain low to the ground.

If you want to enhance your home’s fire safety or learn more ways to prevent a home fire, turn to the experts at Carpet Capital Fire Protection Inc. Our team is dedicated to making your home as safe as possible. Contact us right now for a free quote.