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How Often Should You Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?

How many years is a fire extinguisher good for? Unfortunately, replacing a fire extinguisher is not common among many homeowners and people in business. There’s always a perception that this equipment does not need replacing. However, a fire extinguisher needs replacing in time for it to serve you as needed. How do I know if a […]

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The Most Common Places That Fires Occur

You might be surprised to know that hundreds of thousands of fires start each year, according to FEMA. In 2019, more than 354,000 fires began in residential homes alone. That might make you wonder, "Where do most house fires start?" — and what you can do to prevent them.  Kitchen Fires The kitchen is one […]

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Prevent Summer Fires by Following These Essential Tips

The summer season is a time for having fun, traveling and being around friends and family. A lot of people even consider the summer their favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, the summer season can also bring about potential hazards. Different kinds of hazardous items are frequently used during that time of the year. The warm […]

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