The Benefits of Keeping a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

Have you ever considered keeping a fire extinguisher in your car? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t—but it’s a small investment that could save your life, protect your vehicle and prevent other property damage. Before you head out to get one from a fire protection company in the 30721 area, read on to find out why this is such a smart idea:

  • Prevent small fires from getting bigger: Vehicle fires can start small but quickly overwhelm the car, especially if they encounter the fuel tank. This can be fatal to anyone still trapped inside the car—and even bystanders can be affected if the whole vehicle goes up in flames. Having a fire extinguisher handy can help you smother fires before they have a chance to damage the car or injure passengers or passersby. This gives you valuable time to get injured passengers out of the car and to safety.
  • Keep your vehicle as undamaged as possible: Sometimes cars catch on fire, even without accidents or other apparent causes. If that happens, you’ll be glad you had a fire extinguisher on hand. They can prevent the fire from worsening—you might be able to repair the vehicle if you catch it in time.
  • Use it for other types of fires: Of course, you’re not limited to car fires when you carry an extinguisher. Having a fire extinguisher on hand means you’ll have emergency supplies available if you notice a fire wherever you are: the office, the park, parking lots and more. You never know when a spark will catch dry grass and turn into a big fire.
  • Help others in need: If you regularly go out of your way to help others, it’s never a bad idea to carry a fire extinguisher with you. Whether you’re stopping on the side of the road to help someone in an accident or you see a problem while you’re driving, having a fire extinguisher can come in handy. It’s a good “insurance policy” while you wait for emergency services to arrive.
  • Better peace of mind: Finally, carrying a fire extinguisher with you offers some peace of mind. Knowing you have the tools to deal with fire is similar to having a spare tire, a first aid kit or a Swiss army knife in your trunk: if something out of the ordinary occurs, you’ll be ready to deal with it.

When you choose your fire extinguisher, keep in mind that certain fire types require specific fire extinguishers. For example, oil fires and electrical fires require different fire suppressants. Luckily, when you buy from a reputable fire prevention company in Varnell, GA, the staff will help you determine which fire extinguisher will best suit your needs.

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