What You Should Know About Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Residential sprinkler systems are not mandated by code in most homes in the United States. However, when installed, they are crucial safety features that protect homes from fire.

Why don’t more homes have these sprinkler systems if they’re so beneficial? Part of this is due to the age of homes, but another issue is misconceptions about home sprinkler systems in Dalton, GA. People are often afraid that if one sprinkler is triggered, it will result in the entire system going off, which could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage.

However, this simply isn’t the case. While it is technically possible this could happen, the odds are infinitesimally small. This is something that happens in the movies, where entire buildings see their sprinkler systems go off, but that’s not how residential systems are designed, and the movie portrayals have resulted in misunderstandings of how these systems actually work.

Types of home sprinkler systems in Dalton, GA

There are a couple main categories of fire sprinkler systems that get installed in residential settings.

The first type is a standalone system that does not use the home’s water supply. Instead, they have their own backflow valves and pipes, and have a water storage tank. They feature flexible copper or orange plastic tubing to make the system as low-maintenance as possible. While it can be beneficial to have a system that does not rely on the home’s water supply, the downside is that the water does not circulate itself, meaning you could run into issues with stagnant water resulting in bacteria growth and mold spread.

The second type is a multi-use unit that uses the home’s plumbing, both pipes and water storage. Whenever water is used, the system circulates to prevent problems with stagnant water. They may also have a flow alarm that calls the fire department automatically when activated, as the water usage and levels would indicate the system is being used for the sprinklers.

Multi-use units are the ones most commonly installed in new construction. While they can be retrofitted for older homes, it’s much more expensive to do that with multi-use units than with standalone systems.

The operation of home sprinkler systems in Varnell, GA

While all systems might have their own idiosyncrasies, the principles of home sprinkler system operation are generally the same.

In most cases, these systems are heat activated, meaning increasing temperatures inside the room will trigger the system, not the presence of flames or smoke. Some systems feature a bulb in the unit with liquids that expand when heated, and when the liquid reaches a certain temperature, the bulb breaks open and water flows out. Others have soldered links that melt when hot, resulting in the system opening up. These temperatures are usually extremely hot, around 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sprinkler systems are capable of pumping out 15 to 20 gallons per minute. Water flows as long as the water is available and the system remains intact.

For more information about how to proceed with choosing a home sprinkler system for your Varnell, GA property, contact the team at Carpet Capital Fire Protection Inc.