The Most Common Places That Fires Occur

You might be surprised to know that hundreds of thousands of fires start each year, according to FEMA. In 2019, more than 354,000 fires began in residential homes alone. That might make you wonder, "Where do most house fires start?" — and what you can do to prevent them. 

Kitchen Fires

The kitchen is one of the most common places home fires start. More than 50 percent of them ignite there. The information probably isn’t surprising to you since that’s where people cook. A common cause of kitchen fires is unattended food, and another reason they start is that people leave their appliances on when they’re done. Careless acts like putting dish rags on hot ovens cause fires as well.  

Other Fires

Bedroom incidents make up 7 percent of home fires. They usually occur because of the overwhelming number of flammable items in the room. Placing lamps and electronics near or on those times can cause them to blaze up quickly. 

Other careless incidents, such as putting a space heater on a mattress, cause bedroom fires too. Many older beds don’t have the same protective coatings as newer ones. In those cases, the residents have no protection from an individual’s irresponsible behavior. However, you can do yourself a service by purchasing an updated mattress. 

The living room is another area susceptible to fires because of lighting, fireplaces, and electrical cords. Electrical malfunctions account for 6.8 percent of all fires, and living room fires make up 4 percent of all house fires.

Living rooms often have highly flammable elements, so it’s best to use caution when placing your electrical components. Buy surge protectors and avoid overloading any extension cords you might have. Also, keep floor lamps stabilized and away from your furniture. Furthermore, remember to turn off all electronics when you are not using them. 

The laundry room is yet another place where fires start in a home. Dryer lint is the culprit for most of them, and drying no-no items is another. Proactive cleaning is the best course of action to prevent laundry room fires. Also, avoid leaving the equipment on when you leave home. Stay at home until your clothes finish drying.

Three percent of fires start outside the home on the back patio or barbecuing area. They often occur because of improper use of fireworks and grilling works. 

Cooking issues, heating appliances, electrical items, and carelessness cause fires the most. To avoid those accidents, you must stay mindful of the contents of your home at all times. Ensure that nothing with the potential to get hot is placed near those items.

Read instructions when dealing with fireworks and use the correct electrical equipment when you power your appliances. All those tips will help you lower the likelihood of causing a fire in your home. Keeping your house equipped with fire extinguishers and alarm systems will keep you in the loop if anything happens. You’ll have the notification and the fortification to keep your family safe.