How Necessary Are Frequent Commercial Fire Inspections?

A commercial fire inspection is a very thorough process that helps to ensure your place of business is safe for workers, visitors, and the general community. Frequent inspections can help to identify potential sources of danger and make sure that your fire-prevention systems are sufficient and in good working order.

A commercial fire could become truly catastrophic and trigger secondary events, like an explosion. If your business handles toxic substances, a commercial fire might pour deadly smoke and chemicals into the atmosphere and cause an evacuation.

No matter what your business might be, a commercial fire inspection done on a frequent basis will help to prevent minor or major fires. The frequency should be daily by your staff and more in-depth on at least a monthly basis for the best results.

What To Look for During a Commercial Fire Inspection

A commercial fire inspection should include your fire-suppression system. The inspection should make sure that all of its components are in good working order and water flow or any fire suppressant is capable of putting out a fire.

A fire-suppression system that does not work correctly might cause a fire to spread instead of snuffing it out. Frequent inspections can help to ensure the fire-suppression system will work as intended if a fire were to break out.

The fire inspection also should check your alarm system, fire extinguishers, and communications that enable you to contact firefighters right away if needed. Frequent inspections should reduce the need for rapid communications with firefighting services, but you still need to be able to call out for help if needed.

Compile Records of the Inspections and Systems Maintenance

Poor maintenance and a lack of frequent commercial fire inspections are common causes of many commercial fires every year. Any negligence in inspecting and maintaining fire-suppression systems makes the owners and operators of commercial buildings liable for any damage, injuries, or deaths that might occur due to a fire.

You should compile records of your inspections that include the items inspected and any diagnostic observations that the inspections might include. You also should record any maintenance or repairs so that you have the information available upon request and if a fire should occur.

Use Experienced and Respected Commercial Fire Inspection Services

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