Why Is Fire Exit Lighting So Important?

There are many components that go into the safety plan for any building. Fire exit lighting should be high on the priority list when it comes to the fire safety systems in your building. This quick guide will provide information on this important topic to help you make good choices for your business.

Why Is Fire Exit Lighting So Important?

There are many types of life-threatening emergencies that will also affect the electricity in your building. This can include fires, intruder attacks in which electricity is cut, or other types of disasters. During any event such as this, it will be imperative that individuals can safely exit the building in the dark. If sufficient fire exit lighting is not available or is not working properly, the lives of those within the building can be put at risk.

The United States currently experiences more power outages than other developed countries. This means that those in your building are more at risk of being injured due to a power outage affecting their ability to exit a building safely.

Another aspect that will affect people’s ability to exit a building safely in the dark is a natural panic that sometimes sets in when the power goes out. Many people are susceptible to this, especially if they do not exactly know why the power is out or what other threats there may be.

The Comfort of Light

Large buildings are often difficult to navigate, even when lit. This problem is obviously worsened if the lights go out. There are other considerations that should be factored in as well. These would include safely attempting to help disabled individuals navigate stairwells during a power outage. Those in wheelchairs use elevators to access the upper floors. This would not be possible during a power outage. Those assisting disabled individuals would need the help of emergency lighting to do so.

The facility managers or building owners must be prepared for these types of events so that all those in the building can exit safely.

Lack of Light Still a Problem

Although on a surface level, most employers and building managers understand the importance of good lighting, the truth is that there is still a lack of sufficient emergency lighting in many buildings. One of the most persistent problems is that emergency lighting is installed and then forgotten about. This can lead to a malfunction when most needed.

The importance of fire exit lighting doesn’t just stop with installation. Regular maintenance and inspection of fire exit lighting must be done on a regular basis for the lighting to be effective.

Fire Exit Lighting Maintenance

The property owners are responsible for performing maintenance and replacement of emergency lighting. This includes emergency exit signs and lights. This maintenance should include:

  • Visual inspections – During a visual inspection, you should look for loose or exposed wiring and make sure devices are securely mounted on the wall.
  • Conduct regular inspections – Some areas require that emergency lighting have functional testing each month. This allows you to see if the lighting will operate as intended during a power outage.
  • Full functional testing – A good way to ensure that lighting is operating properly is to conduct a full functional test using emergency backup energy.