Four Crucial Elements for Commercial Building Safety

Commercial buildings need fire safety equipment. It’s not only the best way to keep your employees and customers safe—it’s also the law. Plus, it will help keep your important records, goods and the building itself safe, saving you from massive financial losses in the event that a fire breaks out. Working with a fire prevention company in Dalton, GA ensures you’ll be as protected as possible. They’ll help you achieve the four crucial elements for commercial building safety—read on to learn what they are.

Fire extinguishers

Having adequate fire extinguishers is usually required by fire code. Most states require a fire extinguisher placed at least every 75 feet. If a fire does break out, people can either contain it or use the extinguisher to create a means to escape.

In addition to placing the fire extinguishers according to fire code, make sure they’re placed near entrances and exits. You should make sure every employee knows how to operate the fire extinguisher, and train them regularly in safety practices.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms help alert people that a fire has broken out—possibly the most important fire safety feature available. These alarms notify building occupants that a fire is happening and that they need to evacuate immediately. To that end, make sure you train your employees in appropriate evacuation procedures. Hold fire drills regularly so they’ll know exactly what to do in case of emergency.

You’ll also need to ensure that your fire alarms are appropriately inspected and maintained once per year. The last thing you want is for the alarm system to fail at a crucial moment. Fire prevention companies and fire safety authorities can guide you as to best practices.

Sprinklers or standpipe systems

You can install sprinklers or standpipe systems to help you extinguish any fires that break out. These devices react to heat or smoke and can help smother the fire before the fire department arrives. You’ll need to make sure the system is inspected monthly, paying attention to the valves. Once per quarter, you should inspect the main drain.

Sprinkler systems should also be inspected yearly by a licensed contractor, and every five years, you should reconstruct the pipes and backflow system.

Emergency exit signs and lights

Finally, make sure you have appropriate emergency exit lights and signs. They’re incredibly helpful for guiding people out of the building, especially when smoke limits visibility and people are more prone to panicking. Be sure you test the system each month (this usually just involves pressing the “test” button) and have an annual 90-minute function inspection performed.

Paying special attention to these four crucial fire safety elements will ensure your commercial building and its occupants are protected in case of a fire. That’s one of the best investments you can possibly make in your business.

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