Why You Should Install a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

If you own or operate a commercial building, you’ll want to protect your investment as much as possible. Every year, over 100,000 fires break out in commercial buildings, leaving some of them gutted or completely destroyed. Commercial fire sprinkler systems, however, can mitigate some of that damage in the crucial few minutes before the fire department arrives. Plus, it will help keep your employees, customers or clients safe in case of an emergency. Here’s why you should consider working with a fire prevention company in Varnell, GA to install a commercial fire sprinkler system:

  • Stay compliant with fire codes and regulations: Staying compliant with local, state and federal fire safety regulations is important. Not only will it protect your building and its occupants, but it also saves you a lot of money on fines and other hassles. While smaller buildings may not be required to have a sprinkler system, most commercial buildings will need to have an NFPA-compliant sprinkler system installed, maintained and tested regularly. Check with your local fire prevention authorities to determine whether you are required to have one, and how it needs to be installed.
  • Save money on insurance: Although you’ll need to pay for a good sprinkler system, having one will help you save money on your insurance costs. Insurance companies are more than happy to cut you a break when you take the appropriate measures to prevent damage—which means they’re less likely to have to shell out massive sums of money after a fire breaks out. Everyone wins in that situation.
  • Protect your employees and customers: More important than protecting your physical property, of course, is protecting human life. When you have a quality, reliable sprinkler system in your commercial building, you’re less likely to see deaths or injury due to fire. A good sprinkler system, along with other appropriate fire safety equipment, may be an actual lifesaver. Every year, about 3,400 people die from fire in the United States—and often, it’s from smoke inhalation rather than from the fire itself. Don’t let your employees or customers add to these numbers.
  • Mitigate damage as soon as a fire breaks out: It will take the fire department several minutes to reach your building, even if you’re right next door to a firehouse. In those crucial first few minutes, a fire can spread unhindered—unless you have a sprinkler system in place. Sprinkler systems are triggered by heat or smoke, so they’ll start working as soon as a fire is detected. That gives everyone a better chance to escape, and mitigates property damage.
  • Show you’re committed to safety: Finally, when you install a commercial sprinkler system, you’re showing the world that you’re committed to safety. That goes a long way toward boosting employee morale and improving customer confidence.

Working with a fire protection company in the 30721 area is the best way to keep your employees and building safe from fire. Call Carpet Capital Fire Protection Inc. to learn more about our sprinkler system services and to get a quote.