Tips for Fire Prevention During the Holidays

If you want to know how to prevent fires during holidays, there are many tips you can implement. Many people cook more during the holidays since it is one of the biggest times of the year to get together with loved ones and enjoy some of your favorite meals. But with that comes fire hazards commonly caused by heating, cooking, and electrical failures. Read on to learn how to enjoy this holiday season by practicing safety first.

Ways To Prevent Fires During the Holidays

Here are some tips for fire prevention during holidays.

Pay Attention While Cooking

Many house fires are caused by cooking. It is important to pay attention while you are cooking and never leave pots unattended. Don’t go too far if you have something in the oven or stovetop. It is probably best to remain in the kitchen to keep an eye on your food. When you have finished cooking, don’t forget to ensure that everything is turned off. Also, never leave food cooking while you are sleeping.

Practice Safety While Using Outdoor Lights

Many people enjoy decorating for the holidays with lights. If you are decorating your home outside this holiday season, be sure to only use extension cords and decorations made for outdoor use. Never put the cords near standing water or snow. You should also avoid putting electrical cords near windows or doors.

Practice Safety When Using Matches & Lighters

Any type of open flame can produce a fire hazard if it is not handled correctly. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children. If anyone in your household smokes cigarettes, be sure to dispose of them properly. When using an outdoor fire pit, practice caution when gathering with your loved ones. You can do this by keeping the fire pit ten feet away at the minimum from your home or other structures outside your home.

Don’t Forget Indoor Decorations

Before adding any indoor decorations, make sure that you check all cords and lights for damage. If you notice any missing lights or damaged cords, replace them. Instead of using nails to hang your lights indoors, use clips. This can prevent damage to the electrical lines. Also, avoid using any outdoor decorations inside your home. They are intended for outdoor use only for a reason. Don’t forget to practice caution while burning candles. Keep them away from your children and pets, and never leave them unattended or lit while asleep.

Safety With Fireworks

If you use fireworks for New Year, don’t forget to practice safety when using them. If you live in an area that allows fireworks, ensure you only use them outside and keep them away from trees and buildings. If a firework fails to light, avoid trying to relight it since it can cause an explosion.

These seasonal fire safety tips should help you and your family enjoy the holidays without worrying about potential dangers. If you are interested in having your fire safety system inspected by a professional, contact Carpet Capital Fire Protection, Inc. today.