Protect Your Business With Regular Fire Safety System Inspections

Installing a fire protection system enhances the safety of your workplace. If you plan to install one, it’s important to note that the system is not a one-time install and forget about type. It needs regular inspections to identify potential fire risks and keep all its elements within the system in a top-notch performance.

Most business owners often wonder how often to have commercial fire inspection services. If you are facing such a puzzle, read through this guide to get answers to the above question and other aspects of workplace fire safety. 

What Is Fire Protection System Inspection?

The fire protection system inspection is the regular assessment of workplace fire equipment to ensure their reliability in maintaining fire safety. 

The inspecting team should give a detailed report on the system flaws and provide directions on what should be done to make the system compliant with the applicable fire codes.

The inspecting team should also educate the business owners and employees on the best fire safety practices and the importance of preventive commercial fire inspections.

What Components Do I Need To Target During the Fire Protection System Inspection?

The main areas you need assessment in a fire protection system include:

  • Fire Sprinklers: Refers to nozzles mounted at the ceiling and connected to pressurized water pipes. The sprinklers need regular maintenance to ensure that their smoke detection feature is working optimally.
  • Fire Alarm System: Detects smoke or fire and then goes off to alert the occupants of the fire.  
  • Fire Pump: Works in tandem with the sprinklers and the piping system to supply water for putting off the fire.

As you can see, most components in the fire protection system are interconnected to work together in preventing or extinguishing fire outbreaks. That said, they need a thorough inspection and maintenance by licensed and certified technicians to ensure proper coordination.  

How Frequently Should I Have Commercial Fire Inspection?

According to the NFPA standards, you should inspect your fire protection system at least once a year.

However, the frequency of the inspection of the system or its components may be subject to your local state code. For instance, the Ontario fire code requires the residents to:

  • Inspect fire alarms every month
  • Inspect sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and exit lighting annually, etc

So, there is no standard frequency for inspecting your fire protection system. All you need is to check with your local code to ensure compliance.

What Are the Benefits of Preventive Commercial Fire Inspection?

Conducting preventive commercial fire inspection comes with many advantages, including:

  • Boosts employee performance: Creating a fire-safe workplace makes the employees feel safe and secure, which incentivizes them to commit to their tasks.
  • Cuts insurance cost: Typically, insurance firms would charge lower premiums to businesses whose fire protection systems are correctly installed and maintained than the ones with poorly maintained fire protection systems. 
  • Improves the value of the business: Suppose your company has never experienced any fire outbreak, and the fire protection systems are in good condition. In that case, you can attach a higher value to the business than when it experienced a fire.

Final Words 

Knowing that your business is safe after inspection gives you peace to work on other business needs. Carpet Capital Fire Protection Inc offers a full range of commercial fire protection inspection and maintenance services. Contact us today to get our comprehensive fire protection services.